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These are the official patch notes for Version 2.4.0i released by Dynamight Studios.[1]

This version is part of Alpha 2 - Test 4.

Major Changes[]


Minor Changes[]


Bug Fixes[]

  • Fields now correctly revert to the "unsowed" status when harvested instead of producing endless harvests 😵
  • Ruins in city areas no longer reappear after a server restart, and charcoal piles no longer get refilled.
  • Charcoal piles now disappear after being emptied.
  • Wooden Poles and Wooden Handles are now available in the Woodworking Table.
  • Raw Rice and Raw Beans now have their icons.
  • The time to process new leathers (e.g. Troll Leathers) in the Tanning Tub is now 4 hours like all other leathers instead of 10 seconds (ouch).
  • The War Hammer now is correctly a Heavy weapon.
  • "Ready on..." abilities (e.g. Bash, Bleeding Strike) can again be activated when on cooldown (and will proc when off cooldown).
  • Fixed lots of errors in the recipe descriptions of new weapons and armors.
  • Fixed the description of the abilities Frenzy and Enrage.


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