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These are the official patch notes for Version 0.6.0 released by Dynamight Studios.[1]

Major Changes[]

  • Land claims have been added to the world!
    • Find ancient ruins of Elysium in the world, claim them as your own, and build your house!
    • They can be found in all grassland and mountain biomes.
    • A menu to manage your land parcel is going to be implemented later on.
  • The minimap is now live and functioning! No more black hole!
    • Shows roads, terrains, cliffs and rivers with different zoom levels.
    • The character indicator is missing.
  • Ragged clothes armor and various primitive trinkets can now be crafted.
    • A quick way to get minimal protection.
    • New ways to use the resources found in wild animals.

Minor Changes[]

  • A front view of the character is now rendered in the Character menu (needs color correction).
  • Satiety / rest indicators are now displayed as bars in the circle next to endurance / life / mana.
  • Status effect icons have a new design and are now larger.
  • Crafting success messages are now displayed in the chat too.
  • The player inventory is now larger (42 slots instead of 30).
  • Game lights have been revised.
  • The night is now shorter.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Can craft items with full inventory.
  • Monsters don't react to attacks.
  • Player death (full death, not "fainting") sometimes doesn't reset all the stats (endurance, life, mana, rest, satiety).
  • Interaction progress bar duration doesn't match actual times.
  • Trees take too short to be cut down.
  • Can place multiple blueprints at once while waiting for server reply.


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