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These are the official patch notes for Version 0.2.6 released by Dynamight Studios.[1]

Major Changes[]

  • Settings menu is now functional (all but resolution settings). It allows you to choose between 4 quality presets, plus a lot of custom options. Choosing the game quality in the window before the client launches does nothing, it will always load the last configuration you applied in game.
  • The Fleshing Beam can now be built. It allows you to process animal hides. You will temporarily find 3 recipes that give the same output instead of one.
  • Hide armor pieces can now be crafted in through inventory crafting. Armor is still missing perceived temperature changes (temperature status effects are missing as a whole).
  • New loot for animals to be used in armor crafting and campfire recipes.

Minor Changes[]

  • Monster moving and fighting should be a lot less stuttery.
  • Several system messages changed / added (e.g. hunger and fatigue).
  • Day / night lights have been changed again. The night still allows you to play without torches and is a lot more charming with moonlight.
  • Generic improvements to server performance.
  • Generic improvements to client performance (framerate should be a little higher now).
  • Interacting with world items now has more client-side checks.
  • New arrow model and trail.
  • Various improvements to blueprint building.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Item stacking weird functioning.
  • Hitting Objects from far.
  • Items disappear from inventory.
  • Grilling white cap mushrooms gives a bandage.
  • Password is no longer saved in plain text form in txt file, will be back done properly later on.
  • NullReferenceException (looting some fox).
  • Blueprint Preview changes height, but not back to ground.


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