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Town Hall
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Must be repaired on claiming city to gain access to city management features. After that, you can build roads and place personal land parcels connected to the roads.


To claim a city, you need to click the town hall ruins.

Env town hall ruins.jpg

Building Stages[]

The Town Hall is built in 7 stages.

Stage 1[]

Icon StoneBlock.png 12 Stone Block

Stage 2[]

Icon StoneBlock.png 11 Stone Block

Stage 3[]

Icon Wood Birch.png 28 Wood Log
Icon StoneBlock.png 8 Stone Block

Stage 4[]

Icon Wood Birch.png 12 Wood Log

Stage 5[]

Icon Wood Birch.png 33 Wood Log

Stage 6[]

Icon StoneBlock.png 5 Stone Block

Stage 7[]

Icon Wood Birch.png 5 Wood Log

Total Resources[]

Icon Wood Birch.png 78 Wood Log
Icon StoneBlock.png 36 Stone Block