Status Effects

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If you're wet, you'll take more damage from electrical abilities, freeze faster, etc.

Final Att: naturalAtt + bonusAtt + equipAtt

Icon Name Description Caused by
Absorb Barrier Type: Magic, Elemental

Barrier power: 150+[Final INT]*30

Absorb Duration: 60s
Bleeding Damage Type: Pure

Damage: [Target's Max Endurance] * Random([minPerc],[maxPerc]) or maxDamage, whatever is smaller

Bleeding Strike Duration: 2 + MathFloor(Final Accuracy/2)

Eviscerate Duration: 12s

Blinded Disables Evasion and Accuracy. Sets hard cap for PER and DEX to 10 Blinding Strike Duration: 2 + MathFloor(Final Accuracy/2)
Burning Hot
Concussive Strike Damage Type: Pure

Damage: ([damage remaining from previous instance of this SE ] + [caster's Final STR] *4)/4 every 1s

Can be renewed and damage stacks

Concussive Strike Duration: 4s
Crippled Sets hard cap for DEX to 10 Cobweb renew Duration to 2s every 1s when inside Cobweb

Crippling Strike Duration: 2 + MathFloor(Final Accuracy/2)

Heavy Blow Duration: 6s

Power Shot Duration: 6s

Death Mark Add bonus damage to target equal to your: [Final PER] * 3 / 100 Death Mark Duration: Until deactivated or target dies
Encumbered Disables run Going over 100% of weight limit
Enraged Bonus Critical Damage += 0,5

Bonus Melee Damage modifier += 0,5

Bonus Speed += 200

Disable Evasion = True

Bonus Slash Armor -= 200

Bonus Crush Armor -= 200

Bonus Pierce Armor -= 200

BlockSatietyRestDebuff = true for duration of this status effect

At the end of SE reduce rest -2

Enrage Duration: 10+Final STR
Freezing Cold
Frenzy Mana Consumed: 10/s

amp is 1, 2 when you killed in last 6s

Spell Bonus Speed += Final CON * 1,2 * amp/100

Spell Bonus Attack Speed += Final CON * 2,4 * amp

Frenzy Duration: Until cancelled
Frightened Sets hard cap to CHA and adds bonus Accuracy and Evasion to target Warcry Duration: 30s
Heavily Encumbered Disables run and actions

Sets WalkSpeedBonusPerc += WalkSpeedBuffPerc/100

WalkSpeedBonusPerc is percent part of Final Speed for walking: num += num* walkSpeedBonusPerc

and is only applied when it is above 0.

Pulling Handcart

Holding Wood Logs and Stone Blocks

Going over 200% of weight limit

Icon AbilityEffect Inspire.png
Inspire bonusEvasion += [Target's Final CHA] * 10

bonusWillpower += [Target's Final CHA] * 10

bonusFortitude += [Target's Final CHA] * 10

bonusAccuracy += [Target's Final CHA] * 10

Inspire Duration: 10 + [Final CHA] * 2 seconds
Monster Protection You won't get attacked by monsters for fixed amount of time or until you attack.

Duration: ??

Getting back up after being Knocked Down/Unconscious

Logging into game

Necrotic Disease Blight
Paralyzed Blocks Evasion and actions.

After effect ends you get paralyze immunity for 10s.

Paralyzing Touch Duration: ??s, min. 1s
Paved Road Move Speed bonus is 30%
Poisoned Damage type: Poison

Damage: Mathf.Clamp.([target's max Endurance] * 0,02, 0, poisonTier.maxDamage) or

Mathf.Clamp.([target's current Endurance] * 0,02, 0, poisonTier.maxDamage)

depends on poison tier

Interval between ticks depends on poison tier

Poison Duration: ??

Poisoning Strike Duration: ??

Totem of Decay Duration: ??

Slowed Reduce bonus Speed by 40% of Base Speed and Bonus Attack Speed by 0,4 Chilling Touch Duration: 3s

Ice Spikes Duration: 3s

Slow Duration: Final INT * 0,6s

Totem of Decay Duration: 2s renewed every 1s while inside aoe of totem

Warcry Duration: 6s

Silenced Blocks spells and sets hard cap on CHA to 10 Word of Power: Silence Duration: 6s
Entangling Web/Cobweb:
Net Trap:
Snared Blocks movement Cobweb Duration: 3s

Entangling Web Duration: 3s

Net Trap Duration: 1 + MathFloor((Final PER + Final DEX)/10), 2 if successful save roll

Stunned Disables actions and Evasion Bash Duration: 1 + MathFloor([Final STR]/10)

Earthquake Duration: 1,75s

Shockwave Duration: 3s

Tectonic Outburst Duration: 3s

Word of Power: Stun Duration: 3s

Totem of Wildfire


Bonus Fire Resist += [caster's Final INT] *1,5

Bonus Fire Damage: 5 + [caster's Final INT] *1,5

Totem of Wildfire Duration: 2s renewed every 1s while inside aoe of totem
Totem of Wildfire


Bonus Fire Resist -= [caster's Final INT] *1,5
Unconscious Word of Power: Kill
Verdant Regrowth Adds bonus Endurance regen based on caster's attribute (Final INT) Verdant Regrowth Duration: 5s