Fractured Online Wiki

To start a town you'll need a group of players, funds and a unclaimed location picked out.

Before you begin you'll need

  • 20 players (1 player as governor + 19 as citizens)
  • 50'000 gold

Finding Unclaimed town

Claim Chart

To find an unclaimed town location, look at the map and find one of the unclaimed village icons (Icon example on Claim Chart).

Claiming a town

Town flag

Once you've located an unclaimed town, you and your group will have to travel to the location to find the town flag. Clicking on the flag will open a window where players can apply to become the governor. The governor must have the funds to start their governor candidate. Once the governor candidate starts, players will have to pledge to the governor to start the town. Multiple governors can attest/apply for a town, so be careful when applying.

Once a governor reaches the correct amount of pledges the flag will disappear and a blueprint of a Town Hall will appear; the town is claimed and no one else can claim it, but in order to build in it the Town Hall must be finished.