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Perception measures a creature precision, ability to pick on details, and overall awareness of its surroundings. Creatures with high perception are extremely good at landing their attacks and spells with accuracy and steady hand on their targets, often spotting and hitting their weak spots, inflicting critical damage. Additionally, creatures with high perception are more likely to detect hidden enemies, traps and treasures around them.

Some people need years of study and practice, others just get it naturally. Instinct, keen sight, and acute intuition are essential for bounty hunters, rangers, and assassins. Their senses give them a natural expertise with most weapons and combat techniques, and allow them to quickly identify the best magical items and valuables among unclaimed treasures and the corpses of their victims.

The following schools are affected by the Perception of the user to determine the effects of the skills:

School Primary/Secondary Attribute
Hunting Primary
Divination Primary
Assassination Secondary

Game Mechanics[]

Affected modifiers
Modifier Intensity/Attribute score
Accuracy +20
Critical chance +1%
Detection +15







Base Accuracy vary on creature type.

Race Base Accuracy

Critical Chance[]





Base Critical Chance vary on creature type. The result cannot go below 0%.

Race Base Critical Chance

Critical Damage[]





Critical damage is affected only by item bonuses and talents.

Base Critical Damage vary on creature type. The result cannot go below 50% or above 300%.

Race Base Critical Damage






Base Detection vary on creature type.

Race Base Critical Damage