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-- Keep alphabetical order please
return {
    ["Arboreus"] = {
        ["Arb_C1"] = {"No zones"},
        ["Arb_C2"] = {"No zones"},
        ["Arb_C3"] = {"No zones"}

    ["Syndesia"] = {
        ["Myr"] = {
            "Climbing Woods",
            "Creeping Woods",
            "Crown Mountains",
            "Dancing Meadows",
            "Dusk Valley",
            "Goblin Hills",
            "Golden Tooth",
            "Great Myr Shield",
            "Marching Hills",
            "Myr Grasslands",
            "Northguard Mountains",
            "Oakwood Forest",
            "Pastures of Elysium",
            "Shores of Arlow",
            "Silent Plains",
            "Sleeping Forest",
            "Slithering Moors",
            "Southern Hills",
            "Southguard Mountains",
            "Spine of Tyros",
            "Starleaf Dale",
            "Sunset Peaks",
            "Vale of Shadows",
            "Whispering Woods",
            "White Plains"
        ["Syn_C2"] = {"Zone1", "Zone2"},
        ["Syn_C3"] = {"No zones"}

    ["Tartaros"] = {
        ["Tar_C1"] = {"No zones"},
        ["Tar_C2"] = {"No zones"},
        ["Tar_C3"] = {"No zones"}
    ["Map Pins"] = {
        ["PVE Minor"] = {"Goblin Fort", "Infested Ruins"}