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Lightning RushCan Crit: True
Mobility Spell: True
Memory Cost: 2
Spell Group: Targeted Offensive
Activation Type: Default
Target Type: Location
Targeting Range: 100
Casting Range: 100
Check LOS: False
Dash Duration: 0.2
Charge Activation Delay: 0.5
Mana Cost: 200
Icon LightningRush.png
You dash in lightning form in a straight line for up to 5 meters, dealing [INT*6] Shock damage and 1 Shocked stacks to any enemy on your path. This ability has [1,2,3,4] charges at [0,12,18,24] Intelligence.Cooldown: 10
School: Alteration
Allowed Weapons: Spell ChannelingAllowed Armor: Medium, Light

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