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Knowledge points in Fractured are used to teach player characters new talents, and possibly new abilities.

In Fractured, Knowledge Points can be seen as your personal progression currency: you acquire them over time while playing the game, and you can spend them to obtain Talent Points and start learning new abilities.

There are four main situations that lead to earning Knowledge Points. KP from exploration and bestiary discoveries are limited, but those from item identification and relics aren't! So in the end they are unlimited, but the bulk comes from exploration and discoveries.

  • Exploration. Whenever you document a new location, it becomes permanently visible (in detail) on your world map, and you’re awarded with Knowledge Points according to the importance of what you’ve recorded.
  • Bestiary. Every time you unlock a new piece of bestiary knowledge, you are rewarded with Knowledge Points, and your characters becomes more proficient when interacting with the creature.
  • Item Identification. You gain some Knowledge Points every time you identify an item.
  • Relics. Relics are rare pieces of the lost knowledge of Elysium that have survived the Fracture and can be recovered from the most remote locations and dangerous circumstances. When consumed, they can trigger the discovery of a new spell or raise the strength of one you know above its maximum theoretical level and give you Knowledge Points.

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