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Knowledge points in Fractured are used to teach player characters new talents and new abilities.

In Fractured Online, Knowledge Points can be seen as your personal progressioncurrency”, which you acquire over time while playing the game. Once earned, you can spend them to obtain Talent Points and start learning new abilities.


Earning Knowledge Points is possible in a few ways:

  1. Exploration. A new character in Fractured Online not only has just a basic awareness of combat and magical arts, but is also oblivious of all the points of interest of the world it lives in. This ignorance is reflected in the world map, which is dotted with little questions marks. If you want to become a knowledgeable explorer, you need to travel through every region of the world to document all the locations that are marked as undiscovered. Whenever you do so, you are awarded with Knowledge Points according to the importance of the place you’ve visited.
  2. Bestiary. The bestiary is a personal diary where you store all the information on the types of creatures you’ve interacted with and/or defeated. New entries in the bestiary only report the most basic information on a creature, such as its name and species. Multiple interactions / kills gradually reveal more detailed data on the creature, including its attributes and abilities. Every time you increase of your knowledge of a creature, you are rewarded with Knowledge Points!
  3. Resources. As with creatures, your Book of Knowledge contains a section dedicated to your discoveries of natural elements, including plants, trees and diverse types of minerals. Obtaining the full knowledge of each resource is rather quick as it doesn’t involve combat but figuring out where each resource is located is no easy feat!
  4. Lost Tales are among the hardest items to obtain in the world of Fractured Online. Fragments of a Lost Tale are only awarded to the players who manage to defeat one of the Legends, mighty world bosses that can be summoned in the remotest locations of each planet. Reading a fragment for the first time consumes it and awards you with a fixed amount of Knowledge Points according to its rarity.

Talent Tree

Talent Tree Fractured Resized.jpg

At a superficial look, this is not much different from a canonical MMORPG talent system. Whereas in classic MMORPGs you gain a new Talent Point occasionally when leveling up, in Fractured Online you’re free to choose when to obtain one by spending a fixed amount of your Knowledge Points. The Talent Points you have – up to 60 – can then be assigned to the nodes of your Talent Tree. The latter is divided into six branches, each focused on one of the main character attributes, plus six “hybrid” branches.

Unlike other MMORPGs, Talent Points can be re-assigned as many times as needed during a Resting phase (by sitting down in front of a fire to change all your Talents to match the stats and abilities of your character). You can also handily save pre-defined configurations.

Ability Learning

Fractured Online's magical and combat abilities are discovered and learned through a truly unique process.


Abilities menu.png

When you open your Character Abilities window for the first time, most of the abilities listed in each School are in an Undiscovered state (greyed out). By looking at the tooltip of an Undiscovered ability, you can see what creatures in the world know about it (and thus use it in combat). The only thing left to do is for you to find where they reside and hunt them down! Beware though, as most abilities are only associated to a specific family of monsters, which reside in a specific continent of one of the three planets. Each creature typically knowns multiple abilities, which become "Ready To Learn" at different stages of the progression of the Bestiary entry associated to that creature.


After you have the ability, you were looking for as Ready to Learn, click on it and spend the required amount of Knowledge Points. Please note that learning an ability is not enough to use it. Memorizing an ability near the fire is a necessary requirement!