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Karma is an indicator of where your character stands between Good and Evil. It ranges from -10,000 (Diabolic) to +10,000 (Holy). If a character’s Karma is below -2,500, they can only choose an Evil alignment. Below 0, they can only be Neutral or Evil. Above 0, all three options are available.

The following limitations apply to races:

  • Humans are born with slightly positive Karma, and can choose any alignment.
  • Wildfolk are born with a highly positive Karma. When resting on Arboreus, you can only choose a Good alignment for your Wildfolk character. When resting on a different planet, you can instead pick Neutral too. By doing so, you are allowed to commit criminal actions that could lower your Karma to the point your home planet and race will start rejecting you, walking the frightening journey that end with the transformation of the Wildfolk into an Abomination.
  • Demons are born with a strongly negative Karma – and they can’t make it better on their home planet. Therefore, as you create a new Demon, you’re restricted to an Evil alignment. When resting on other planets instead, you can gain Karma to the point you can set your character as Neutral too. Eventually, once your Karma is sufficiently high, you can start walking the path that will lead your Demon to reach its Redeemed form – the Angel.

Karma Changes

Karma changes according to your behavior in game – how you interact with other players and NPCs, the environment, and which Gods you worship.

If you want to raise your Karma, temple offerings, divine quests and PvE is the way to go. "Hunting" Evil players is secondary.

PvP Actions

Depending on your Alignment and that of your victim; attacking, knocking unconscious, looting or executing a player triggers a Karma gain or loss.

As a rule of thumb, any unprovoked aggressive action towards players with Good or Neutral alignment triggers a Karma loss. The Karma loss for just causing damage is minor, but it’s significantly higher if you knock out your victim, and even worse if you loot the body after. Delivering the final killing bow is obviously the worst option of all, and hurts your moral stance considerably.

Also as a rule of thumb, aggressive actions towards players already flagged as Aggressive or Evil have no effect on your Karma.

PvE Actions

All creatures in Fractured have a specific Karma and Alignment. Depending on your Alignment and their own, killing them may result in a Karma gain or loss.

The general concept is quite predictable: killing a Good Creature triggers a Karma loss, while slaying an Evil one triggers a Karma gain.

One thing to be noticed is that PvE is intended as a way to “adjust” your Karma, rather than revolutionize your Alignment. Therefore, a few exceptions to the rule above apply. A couple significant ones: an Evil player doesn’t gain Karma by killing Evil creatures, while a Good player can lose it killing Good creatures, but it won’t drop below 0.

In PvE you can get loot rights or not. Looting a corpse for which you don't have rights is a criminal action.

Temple Offerings

A Temple Offering is a monetary donation that can be performed once a day in the home of one of the Gods of Fractured.

Temple offerings are an effective – albeit expensive – way to change your Karma towards that of the God you’re donating to. Offerings given to Elysium, Tyros and Nelena have a positive effect on your Karma, while money pledged to the dreadful Babilis cause a heavy Karma loss. Donations to Neutral Gods such as Iridia and Galvanos instead have no impact on your moral stance.

Other than (possibly) changing your Karma, a Temple Offering increases the favor of the God towards you. If high enough, you might even get bestowed a Divine Blessing, or assigned a Divine Quest to carry out!


Most of this page can be reference from FEATURE SPOTLIGHT #6 – PVP, ALIGNMENT & CRIME