Fractured Wiki

If you flag yourself as Good, you are not allowed to perform hostile actions against any other Good or Neutral player. There are several ways this restriction is applied – some common cases being:

  • You can’t use basic attacks and targeted spells against Good or Neutral players.
  • Your AOE abilities cause no damage or negative side effects to Good or Neutral players.
  • You can’t loot the corpse of a dead Good or Neutral player.
  • Giving the killing blow to a knocked-out Good or Neutral player is not possible.
  • You can’t take possession of bounty that doesn’t belong to you.

On the contrary, all the hostile actions listed above are permitted against Evil players – and even encouraged by Karma gains!

Since all Beastmen have a default Good alignment that can’t be changed on Arboreus, it is literally impossible for them to hurt each other. This also lessens the need for them to form a Party, making grouping easier.

As a Good player, you’re sure to inspire confidence to everyone you meet.