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Equipment in Fractured is expected to be entirely supplied via player crafting.

Types of equipment[]

Primitive Equipment[]

Primitive Equipments are items that the player can craft in any moment, by using easy to find materials like stones and branches and require no facility. They are useful at the initial steps of a new character, or in a pinch when your weapon breaks in the wild and you need to find a quick replacement. Apart from those situations, you will quickly discard this type of equipment as soon as you are able to access advanced items, which usually means as soon as you join a region. Primitive necklaces are an exception, they will prove useful even when you have access to advanced items.




Advanced Equipment[]

Advanced equipments require specific facilities to be crafted, and the materials are harder to acquire and may necessitate long crafting times.

Light Weapons[]

Medium Weapons[]

Heavy Weapons[]

Bows & Crossbows[]

Mage Weapons[]

Light Armors[]

Medium Armors[]

Heavy Armors[]