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Entangling RootsMemory Cost: 3
Spell Group: Self-Offensive
Activation Type: Default
Target Type: Location
Targeting Range: 0
Casting Range: 0
Check LOS: False
Root Events Count: 5
Mana Cost: 300 + (50/s)
Icon EntanglingRoots.png
For up to 4 seconds you cause an overgrowth of roots all around you. As soon as the effect starts, and every second thereafter, every enemy within 6 meters from your position that fails an Evasion Save, is Snared by the roots for [INT*0.1] seconds, and takes [INT*6] Crush damage per second.Cooldown: 30
School: Alteration
Allowed Weapons: Spell ChannelingAllowed Armor: Any

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Version History[]

Version Changes
  • Introduced into the game.