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  • NOTE: The following article describes the system as foreseen at release. During the current testing phase of the game, many of these features may be different. For example, right now you don't need to learn how to craft advanced items. If you have access to the faciities required to craft them, you can already craft them all. For any info regarding crafting during the test phase of the game, you are welcome on the game's official Discord
  • You already know how to craft Primitive items when you start the game. To learn how to create an Advanced items or material a character will have to study it first.
  • You can learn how to craft a material or item by studying it. You will not learn every step required to make that item though, only how the item itself is made. So, if you just studied a steel longsword, you will know how to make longswords, but it won't teach you how to make steel. However, if you know how to make bronze for example, you can now craft bronze longswords even though you studied a steel longsword. that's because the item and the materials are seperate from each other. You study a metal, you can craft any item using that metal. If you study a weapon, you can craft that weapon with any material as long as you know how to work with that material.
  • The items you craft have the properties of the type of item (sword, axe,etc), and the material you used to craft it (bronze, iron, etc). The outcome will always be the same. (Every bronze longsword has the same traits for example). There's no RNG in crafting.
  • Attributes affect the things you can craft. Metalworking is related to strength, jewelcrafting is related to dexterity and perception, tailoring is related to dexterity, etc.
  • There are no rarity tiers like common, uncommon, rare, epic, etc.
  • Once you've learned a recipe, you can craft that item on any planet. There are no items that can only be crafted on a specific planet.
  • Crafting consists of multiple steps to make the final product. For example, if you want to make a high quality torch: Collect wood, cut into pieces, make the base of the torch, have access to metalworking to make the top part of the torch, add oil to light the torch.
  • Items need maintenance and break down over time. How it breaks down depends on the item. A wooden staff will eventually break. A metal sword becomes blunt and has to be sharpened and will eventually degrade to uselessness.
  • You don't have to craft if you don't want to. You can buy everything from other players.
  • Crafting tools count towards your weight limit. They are not very heavy though. Every item has a weight.

Crafting Stations[]

  • You can only craft basic items on your personal plot on basic crafting stations. The advanced crafting stations can only be build in towns.
  • Advanced crafting can only be done in specialized buildings.
  • Other players can use your crafting stations if you give them access.

Crafting and Races[]

  • Beastmen can craft some primitive items and extract some materials without needing tools, because they have claws.
  • some races have some advantages in crafting, but there are no penalties.
  • Items will look the same regardless of the race that crafted it. A steel longsword crafted by a Beastman looks the same as a longsword crafted by a Human or Demon.
  • Any race can craft any item. A Beastman can craft a Demon recipe and so on. Enchantments are the only exception as some of them are tied to specific alignments and gods.


  • You can learn all crafting recipes. There are no specializations. No limits on the number of crafting professions you can have.
  • Some recipes can only be learned on specific planets.
  • Some recipes (and abilities) are learned through ancient knowledge and relics.
  • Some recipes will be rare, but no recipe will be limited to a set amount of players.
  • There are no special secret dev-controlled crafting recipes.
  • You cannot share your recipes. You can just give someone else a completed item to let them study it anyway.


  • You can enchant items. Enchants aren't random because the devs don't like RNG. You can enchant items with potions, spells and gems.
  • Some types of enchantments are related to your alignment and/or the god you worship.


You can put farming plot on your plot in wilderness/town and governor can put it on public one in town. Animals can be sold/traded.


Planned professions: