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Attack Speed is applied to the base attack speed of the currently equipped weapon, or natural weapon (fists, claws, bite, etc.). Attack Speed bonuses and/or maluses depend on Dexterity, active spells and equipment modifiers, and stack additively. The result is capped in the [-50%, +50%] range.

The bonus determined by Dexterity is calculated as follows:





Base = 0 for Human players, but can vary depending on creature type.


The speed of an attack mostly depends on the base speed of the currently equipped weapon, which is standardized in three different speed types: Fast, Normal and Slow. Each Speed type determines the base number of attacks per seconds (APS) the weapon can perform.

Speed Type APS Attack Time
Fast 1.4 625
Normal 1.05 833
Slow 0.7 1250

The Attack Time of a weapon is the time that takes to perform a full attack, or the minimum time that needs to pass between two attacks, and is calculated as:





Attack Time is a combination of Animation Time and Cooldown.

  • Animation Time is the duration of the attack animation
  • Cooldown is the extra amount of time that needs to pass to perform the next attack.

To calculate Animation Time and Cooldown we need three parameters:

Parameter Value Description
Min Animation Time 350 ms Minimum duration, in ms, of an attack animation
Max Animation Time 1850 ms Maximum duration, in ms, of an attack animation
Base Cooldown 250 ms Base cooldown, in ms, between two attack animations

The Animation Time portion of Attack Time is calculated as follows:





Cooldown is the remainder:





The last value is Attack Proc Time that determines at which instant of the attack animation damage is dealt. It is set to an arbitrary % of the animation.

Note that an attack animation can be cancelled at any moment, but there are mainly two different cases:

1. Attack cancelled before the Attack Proc Time: The damage doesn’t proc, and the creature can start another attack right away, without waiting for the Attack Animation Time and Cooldown to elapse.

2. Attack cancelled after the Attack Proc Time: The damage happened at the Attack Proc Time, and you must wait the full remainder of the Attack Animation Time and Cooldown to elapse before starting another attack.

The Attack Speed Modifier determined by dexterity, spells and equipment, is applied directly to the base APS of the currently equipped weapon:





Items with Attack Speed[]

Item NameSlotAttack SpeedAttack Speed from Recipes
Battle Axe1H1.05----
Fire Staff2H1.05----
Great Axe2H0.7----
Great Sword2H0.7----
Ice Staff2H1.05----
Long Sword1H1.05----
Mage Staff2H1.05----
Morning Star1H1.05----
Primitive Club1H1,6----
Primitive Dagger1H1,6----
Primitive Hammer1H1,2----
Primitive Handaxe1H1,6----
Primitive LongbowRanged1,2----
Primitive Mace1H1,2----
Primitive Mage Staff2H0,8----
Primitive Quarterstaff1H1,2----
Primitive Spear2H1,2----
Shock Staff2H1.05----
Short Sword1H1.05----
Throwing Dagger2H1.05----
War Hammer2H0.7----