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In Fractured, Arboreus is the world of the wildfolk races. The society here is peaceful and in tune with nature. Gameplay on this world is cooperative.

Arboreus is the largest planet of the Elysium Ring, with a surface twice as wide as that of Syndesia – although the area of continents above sea level is roughly equivalent to that of the other planets. Other than being the largest, it also lies furthest from the sun, travelling the same orbit that once belonged to Elysium. Notwithstanding its distance from the star, the damp atmosphere of Arboreus allows it to be a warm and verdant world, covered with dense forests and plains of lush green grass, crossed by rivers and lakes aplenty.

Compared to Syndesia and Tartaros, Arboreus is the planet that most resembles its father Elysium, especially given it’s the only one that still retains Elysium’s primal energy, which manifests itself into ever-growing deposits of magical crystals, coveted by all the creatures of the System.

Arboreus features the Earth-like animals you can find in jungles, swamps and different kinds of forests - so yes, tigers are included. As for fantasy creatures, Arboreus is an overgrown world, and massive size is going to be one of the distinctive features of the beasts that inhabit it

Arboreus is designed to be the ideal home of PvE lovers. It features large areas accessible only by Wildfolk and characters with Good alignment, and a great degree of protection from hostile PvP in the rest of the world.

You cannot switch your alignment to evil on Arboreus.


PvP is possible on Arboreus but rare. That doesn't mean it's possible for your farm to be destroyed! Buildings owned by players are protected in general, unless we're talking of city conquests - but that's a whole different story. So don't worry, the degree of protection you get on Arboreus is really high.

Traveling To Arboreus

First and foremost, travelling to Arboreus is no small feat for a Human or Demon character. It requires good planning and is generally expected to be a group effort. Moreover, and more importantly, things get exponentially more difficult for players of Neutral and Evil alignment, who not only have to work harder to gain access to the planet, but also find it harder to stay.

Indeed, only Humans with Good alignment are allowed to walk the lands of Arboreus for a considerable amount of time – 20/40 real-world hours, thus being able to explore a good portion of the world at once, collecting resources and acquiring knowledge.

If you’re a Human with Neutral alignment, you can also stay for a while – around 5/10 hours, penalized only by a slight stat debuff. However, if you get flagged as Aggressive, you are immediately treated as Evil, suffering all the penalties explained below.

If your character has an Evil alignment and you manage to enter Arboreus, well, now you’re in trouble! The planet itself, pervaded by the primal energy of Elysium, immediately starts fighting to repel you. You become heavily debuffed, and normally pacific creatures turn aggressive against you, seeking you out to rip you apart. Even worse, you are only allowed to stay on Arboreus for half an hour at once, and you are quickly drained of all vital energies if you step into a Good-only area.


After the Fracture, Arboreus was put under the protection of three of the Six Gods: Elysium, which is thought to be the source of Arboreus’ primal energy; Tyros, god of light and justice; Nelena, goddess of the wild and mother of all wildfolk.


Crystals aren’t the only resource on Arboreus that stirs the greed of the people who don’t inhabit it, however. The planet is rich in wood, stone and minerals, although wildfolk usually don’t take an interest in mining and blacksmithing. Indeed, the homes of wildfolk are mostly made of wood, while stone is usually kept to erect public buildings.


Wildfolk are the native inhabitants of the wild and lush planet Arboreus. While closely resembling an actual animal right after birth, the shape of the body of a wildfolk changes dramatically during puberty, eventually assuming the same two-legged posture of a human.


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