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Abomination angel.jpg
Abomination (left) and Angel (right)

Angels are a planned playable race in Fractured. Angels cannot be chosen at character creation; they are the result of Demons changing from their innate Evil alignment to Good and pledging themselves to Tyros.

As a separate race, becoming an Angel changes the character's appearance, stat bonuses and maluses, and racial perks. The character will be disconnected after transformation and may customize their new angelic appearance upon next logging in. The player will not be permitted to redistribute stat points.

Angels are banned from their former homeland of Tartaros, but unlike Demons, are able to persist on Syndesia indefinitely. It is not certain whether Angels will be allowed on Arboreus. [1]

Each subtype of Demon becomes a different subtype of Angel, but it is not yet known what those Angel subtypes are beyond fan speculation.

There are no plans to allow Angels to transform back into Demons.