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Alignment and Karma are a core system of Fractured's setting and game flow.

The three basic Alignments are Good, Neutral, and Evil. The concepts of Good and Evil in Fractured are objective and chiefly oppositional. It is not certain whether or not Fractured will include a second Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic axis as per Dungeons & Dragons.

General effects of Alignment[]

  • A Beastman can become an Abomination by becoming Evil.
  • A Demon can become an Angel by becoming Good.
  • Evil characters can only briefly visit limited areas of Arboreus and are instantly destroyed upon attempting to travel outside of these limited areas.
  • Good characters are heavily debuffed and/or poisoned when on Tartaros.


Every character in Fractured has a Karma score ranging from -10,000 ("Diabolic") to +10,000 ("Holy").

Actions that lower Karma (Evil actions) include:

  • Unprovoked attacks against Good or Neutral players
  • KOs or kills against Good or Neutral players
  • Looting Good or Neutral players
  • Fighting Good NPC enemies (down to 0 if the character is Good, no limit otherwise)
  • Looting NPC corpses without the proper rights
  • Paying tithe to or performing Divine Quests for Babilis

Actions that raise Karma (Good actions) include:

  • Attacking Evil players (?)
  • Fighting Evil NPC enemies (unless the character is Evil)
  • Paying tithe to or performing Divine Quests for Elysium, Tyros, or Nelena

It is not possible for Demons to gain Karma while on Tartaros.

Alignment selection[]

While Resting, The player may choose either a Good, Neutral, or Evil Alignment, affecting their ability to steal from or attack other players, based on certain conditions.

If multiple conditions cause conflict, rule in favor of ❌s.

Alignment restrictionss by condition
Condition Good Neutral Evil
Beastman on Arboreus ✔️
Human on Arboreus ✔️ ✔️
Demon on Tartaros ✔️
Tagged as Thief ✔️ ✔️
Tagged as Murderer ✔️
Karma below -2500 ✔️
Karma from -2499 to -1 ✔️ ✔️
All other cases ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Racial tendency[]

Each of the races in Fractured begins the game with a different Karma score.

Karma by race
Race Starting Karma
Human Slightly positive
Beastman Very positive
Demon Very negative

As detailed above, Beastmen are limited to Good Alignment while on Arboreus, while Demons are limited to Evil Alignment while on Tartaros. This makes it difficult or impossible for them to change their Karma to the opposing Alignment without traveling to Syndesia.