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Acid SphereFriendly Fire: YesNotSelf
Can Crit: true
Memory Cost: 1
Spell Group: TargetedOffensive
Activation Type: Default
Target Type: Location
Targeting Range: 100
Casting Range: 100
Check LOS: True
Mana Cost: 150
Icon AcidSphere.png
You cast an acid projectile that explodes as it collides with the first enemy on its path, dealing [INT*6] Acid damage and adding 2 Corrosion stacks to any enemy within 2 meters from the impact. The damage of this spell can be Critical and can hurt your allies in PvP. Cooldown: 5
School: Conjuration
Allowed Weapons: Spell ChannelingAllowed Armor: Light

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Version History[]

Version Changes
  • Introduced into the game.